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An experience that brings greater purpose to your sales area

Playing is pleasurable, challenging and, most importantly, rewarding. For millennia, we have played and experienced this competition seeking countless goals. Gamification now brings the concept and experience of gaming to new corporate contexts, integrated to increasingly competitive markets.

More commitment and productivity for professionals, bringing to the table what really matters: results and performance.

What have you, as a manager, done to motivate your sales force so they can achieve their goals? Gamifier is the tool you need to motivate and create accountability on the quest for results.

Why gamify the sales process?

Gamifier + Pipedrive

Gamify the sales routine on Pipedrive with Gamifier

Sales managers must constantly monitor team performance. In this scenario, lack of information has a direct impact on loss of control and reliability over indicators, something no manager wants to face.

Updating information on Pipedrive often and effectively and managing to extract real results from the platform no longer needs to be a daily challenge and you are not alone on this journey. Integrating Gamifier to Pipedrive you can create and apply the concept of gaming in a business context, using the data generated by your current commercial process.

Win the sales management game!

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An innovative and fun concept that converts into results

Implementing gamification elements in your sales routine will create an experience that, in addition to being innovative, will transform the way the team relates to its goals and activities. Placing the team in a game context is the path that will make it achieve the greatest results, because they come along with the best rewards.

Integrate your Pipedrive with the Gamifier!


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