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Sales is a science about knowing people, especially, yourself

It’s all about who you are
Before being a salesperson, you are a unique person formed by a set of characteristics owned only by you, which enables your capabilities during a negotiation with your customers.

Trying to fit into a format of approach that does not resemble who you are, can cost you professional fulfillment, in addition to harming your results and leaving you stressed.

A Harvard Business Review survey shows that being authentic not only makes a good impression, it also makes a person feel better and further increases the probability of reaching their goal.
Therefore, your authenticity can be your main strategy when interacting with prospects and customers, in addition to being a great way to contribute to your team. 

Your personality is your sales style and this is your competitive edge

But for that, you need to be clear about who you are, don’t you?

Even knowing the importance of being who you are, it is very common for salespeople in general don’t know each other well enough to understand their skills, motivations, and strengths.

For a salesperson, having self-knowledge up to date can make all the difference to their sales strategies. Thinking about it, after a lot of research and proof of results, we’ve designed a special personality test for sales style: the HumanTrends.

Our sales personality test has the mission of strengthening the performance of salespeople who want to use their characteristics in favor of their results and career.

If you also want to improve your performance being authentic, invite your sales leader to know our platform and you will have access to the full version of the test result report for free with our coupon. 

Gamification and the day-to-day challenges


A game in the process

Gamification is “the use of elements of games in a non-game context.” That’s the first definition of this concept. Games are present in human history as important cultural elements and have a lot of knowledge about humans, behaviors, emotions, and philosophical insights. This perspective can help people to achieve the next level, at their own pace, like helping salespeople aiming to optimize their performance.

 Gamification is designed to help people in everyday life, with recognition, fun moments, and healthy environments. And that has been applied in education, health, fitness, financial, planning, social behaviors… And also at work.

 When you create a little “game” inside your head to get the most of your day, you are already applying gamification.

 So at Gamifier, we do this for you. We follow up on your actions to give you insights and feedback to help you optimize your productivity.

Play to create progress in your life

Gamification is a powerful tool that you can apply in your daily life. By introducing small mechanics like “How many contacts can I make in the next hour?” you start to create momentum to create progress and fun engagement.

But, like everything in life, you need balance. It is always fundamental to have waves of productivity and waves of a slow pace so you don’t burnout.

Remember, it is not just “how fast” you can do things. But how you can be more involved in the action of doing, in a meaningful way, with achievable plans, and have small wins (but with incredible perception TO YOU)!

With this new perspective, can you start to apply Gamification in your daily work with sales?

Sales: Find, Close and Delight 

Smart work beats hard work

Sales can be hard work, I know. However, people often say that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Is that 100% true or can we do it in a better way? 

People, as always, are the key. Salespeople want to have success in their roles and customers want to be seen as a person and find a solution that could fit their needs. The spotlight here is on connections and the sales experience you provide them — it’s not about the old school sales or marketing approach anymore.

Creating strategic opportunities, keeping the consistency during the tasks, being aware of your (and the process) performance indicators, understanding the customer’s goals, can make you a data-driven person. This is science!

The guesswork doesn’t fit anymore

Mistakes and awkward moments will arise during the work but they are part of the process, in fact, this hard part is the key to success. 

When you manage this kind of situation in a smart way and stay accountable your chances to succeed increase. It’s about what you do with what you know – but also about trying to discover  what is missing based on hypotheses and data. Where are the gaps in your CRM, prospecting or daily activities?

However, to support this, you need to find the right data, information and be clear about your goals. Sometimes, you need to reclaim your focus first.

Have you ever analyzed your sales workflow in a perspective of quality, speed and dependability? You may be thinking: “How do I do that?”. But keep calm, Gamifier can show you the way in another moment.

 The most important: Ask yourself, listen from other people but do not forget about being data-driven to guarantee that accuracy.

Which skills do I need to improve? Based on what?

What are the main activities I am struggling with?

How much I improved my productivity indicators from last month? And in the last 2 months?

At what moment I struggled in my sales conversions? What is my conversion rate?

Am I giving up on a deal too quickly? What indicators point that out?

Learning is a process we have to trust. So if I could give you any advice, it would be: have reliable data to support your workflow and decisions, keep learning and have fun.

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By Samar Ghattas

Business Development Specialist at Gamifier, Inc

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