Gamifier was born from an unshakable hunch:
“There has to be a better way to motivate
people towards more productivity.”

The available options were either ineffective or unappealing. They could be boiled down in two main categories:

  • Variations of carrots, or external incentives.
  • Variations of sticks, or external threats and punishment.


The problem with carrots…

…as a Harvard research has found, is that they are short-lived. Bonuses and monetary incentives create superficial change, but tend to backfire in the long run.

The problem with sticks is… well… let’s just say that “research has found” that people are not horses.

This conviction and landscape led our founder, Rod, to use his MBA final project as the perfect excuse to experiment with an alternative: gamification.

The experiment

Back in 2017, a (very lucky) sales team was analyzed for 6 months.
🟣 3 months without gamification, to be the benchmark.
🟣 3 months with gamification, to see its effect.

The results were LOUD and clear. Gamification yielded:
Average team members turning into top performers
An improved balance between speed, quality, and cost for the business
🚀 Better individual habits
🚀 Better collaboration
🚀 Better team culture

Excited with this potential, the project was born.

As the saying goes, “one valid gamification test is worth a million MBA hunches”, so who are we to go against common wisdom!

Why gamification?


The reason why gamification works so well is that it taps into the best
kind of motivation.

That is: SELF-motivation.

Sure, gamification involves carrots, but they are psychological carrots. Which are much more effective than real ones.

People. Just. Like. Winning.

Self-realization, and being able to say “I DID IT!” motivates people
to crazy extents to do extraordinary things.

Gamification helps in channeling this strong instinct towards an objective.

With gamification, the tasks don’t change. What changes are the drivers to complete them.

As Jane McGonigal said “Games are giving unnecessary obstacles that we volunteer to tackle”.

Why for sales teams?

Competitiveness is a trait that is present in each one of us. In some more than others.

In salespeople, this trait is pretty much mandatory.

And we don’t mean toxic competition (you know this kind… the one that leads to passive-aggressive and hypocritical peer relationships).

We mean the kind of competition that fuels your business growth, motivating and engaging team members with their work.

Even if it’s just one sales rep competing with her sales numbers from last month, you need some level of competition to achieve bigger and better targets over time.

The platform

Now that the benefits of gamification are evident, and the amplifying effect on salespeople’s traits is clear…

What could we do with it?

Incentivizing “more sales” is already done by your commissions’ program.

So, we chose to incentivize “everything else” in your sales process.

Now, that would be a nightmarish endeavor if we didn’t live in the technology and connectivity era.

Luckily, nearly all sales teams nowadays leverage CRM as their “command center”.
And that’s our sweet spot. That’s where we make you shine.

Our platform is designed to optimize and create habits for your CRM. We let you gamify even the simplest tasks, to make doing good work as easy as fun and games (quite literally). Things like:

✔️ Adding contacts
✔️ Sell a ticket higher than Average Purchase Value
✔️ Move the deal forward in the pipeline
✔️ Add a new business opportunity

… and around 50 more of these are all gamifiable with points, achievements, and the main leaderboard.

All these actions are aimed at improving your sales process in three main areas.

Speed: Focused on your “Average Win Cycle” target.

Quality: Focused on your “Average Purchase Value” and "Done Activities" targets.

Dependability: Focused on your “Average Win Ratio” and “Rotten Deals” targets.

All of which you can instantly see in our visual dashboards.

Powered by algorithms humans thinking!

Sure, at Gamifier we have proprietary algorithms and API connectors for tracking human behavior,
building patterns, and connecting them to your targets…

But what really powers us are humans! thinking!

While most apps focus on automating everything with AI and bots, we take pride in actively seeking
to personally serve you better.

By constantly moderating webinars, creating case studies, special reports, and being always on-call
for support, we strive to add value to you in ways others are just not willing to.

What could Gamifier do for your culture?


“The opposite of play isn’t work – it’s depression”
Brian Sutton-Smith

The benefits of gamifying your sales process go beyond being fun and cool. It affects the whole team culture for the better.
So ignore it at your own risk!

What would it mean for your team if your culture was based on proactivity, self-motivation, recognition, and collaboration?

Our platform and mobile app allow you to achieve this effortlessly.


Could a 14-day free trial turn
into years of sales management sucess?

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