Combination to boost your sales area

Structure the sales process in Pipedrive

Create an account on Pipedrive and set it up according to your sales funnel.


Register your sales in Pipedrive

Use Pipedrive whenever you have new information and commercial updates.


Boost with Gamifier

Gamify the sales process to engage salespeople and encourage friendly competition to increase the productivity!


Why Pipedrive?

It’s needed to help salespeople to focus on actions that close deals!
Pipedrive is a sales management tool designed to help salespeople to focus on actions that close deals. With multiple features and integrations, you can gather all your sales information in one place and generate reports to understand where you are losing business, identify opportunities of improvement, and predict results.

Why Gamifier?

Engaged people execute the defined processes, propose improvements and get the best performances!
Gamifier is a gamification platform when integrated creates a new experience for the actions made in Pipedrive by engaging and motivating salespeople in the work process which generates increased productivity and less turnover.

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